Current Focus

We currently cover a wide range of professions in the medical field and are happy to cater for any staffing needs of employers in this sector.

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placement procedure

The placement of skilled workers from abroad involves some extra steps compared to a domestic placement. This should not deter you, of course, as we take care of and accompany the entire process right up to the start of the job.

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Our competitive placement fees are individually tailored to you, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. For information on other costs that may arise during the placement process, click here.

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Language level

The language level plays a central role, especially in the placement of skilled workers from abroad in Germany. Here you will find all the information that is relevant for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of personnel placement from abroad. If you need further information about our placement models, please feel free to use our contact form.

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1How long does it usually take to place a skilled worker from a non-EU country in Germany?
The placement of a skilled worker from a non-EU country usually takes 3 to 4 months after the signing of the employment contract.
2How much does the placement of a skilled worker cost?
The placement fee is negotiated individually and depends on the gross salary, the occupational group and other factors. If a skilled worker is placed in Germany from a non-EU country, there is also a processing fee of €411.00 for the accelerated skilled worker procedure.
3What language level do skilled workers from abroad have when they are offered for placement by MCC?
Skilled workers from abroad have a German language level of at least B2 (at the latest by the time they take up the job or training position). Doctors usually have a German language level of at least C1.
4Does MCC only offer skilled workers from Germany?
No, we also offer professionals from the European Union and non-EU countries.
5How is it ensured that the professionals offered from abroad have qualifications comparable to those of domestic professionals?
In the case of skilled workers from other European countries, the common European standards in the requirements and training of the skilled workers ensure comparability. If the skilled worker is from a non-EU country, he or she goes through the so-called accelerated procedure for skilled workers, which includes recognition of the foreign qualification. Either a full equivalence is determined and the skilled worker can work immediately and without restriction on the German labour market, or a partial equivalence is determined and the skilled worker undergoes an adaptation measure free of charge in order to achieve the equivalent level.
6Does MCC only offer fully trained professionals?
No, we also offer applicants for apprenticeships.